The benefits of our audit services

The primary objective of an audit is to provide an independent opinion on your annual accounts. It’s viewed by many as a necessary evil – but undertaking an audit can often lead to significant benefits for a business if approached in the right way.

Improving your systems and controls
Working in a business day-in day-out can mean concentrating on specific issues whilst failing to notice the wider situation. In looking at the business from a completely independent view, we are able to suggest ideas for improvement that may not have otherwise been considered.

Risk awareness
Risk and governance plays an increasingly important role in many businesses, regardless of size or sector. Owners need to take an even more active role in managing all types of risk, from strategic to regulatory, operational to financial. An audit can be the perfect platform to do this, providing assurance that the correct systems are in place to handle any potential risks that may arise.

Satisfying third party requirements
An audit does not just provide confidence to the owner that a business is in good shape – it also offers evidence and assurance to third parties. An audit permits the stakeholders of a business such as shareholders, banks, suppliers, customers and even staff, to make better informed decisions about its current performance and their subsequent relationship to it, providing additional comfort when deciding whether to invest in, provide finance to or trade with that business.